Adventure Sports Activity in Rishikesh

One of the famous rafting adventure sports attracts thousands of travelers every year from different parts of the world and is a fantastic opportunity to raft on river Ganges. It is a unique and exciting experience, in short, rafting in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, savoring the sweetness of clear blue water, the feeling of pleasure and freshness around natural forests, moving fast through unstable and your adrenaline will surely make your experience a memorable descent.

Cliff Jumping

Another great adventure is cliff jumping. You must be physically strong to get into that emotion because it involves diving from a height of 30 feet. Adventure lovers can add height depending on their strength and endurance. The experiences of diving in the healthy climate of the maximum altitude to give you flesh bumpy skin. So get ready for the experience that you will remember for many years to come!


Getting to Rishikesh for rafting experience, do not forget to delve into the very adventurous sport and agitation called Repel. Under the guidance of experts, you can be assured of security and repelling exciting experience. The equipment that will be provided to climbers gloves, harnesses, straps, ropes and helmets. It can be enjoyed by all who have the strength to venture to the cliffs.


A very adventurous activity Rishikesh, Kayak won considerable admiration among fans of adventure around the world. The Ganges offers for a series of quick start on a beautiful river kayaking expedition. You can select a faster, according to his / her strength and endurance. The essential equipment required includes life jackets, boat, kayak, helmet and a paddle.


It is most difficult for those who live life activity without fear. We must dive at an altitude of about 110-150 feet. After the jump you can enjoy capturing images of a beautiful camera environment. Bridges also get certificates dare jump remember to collect before leaving.

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Adventure Activities in Rishikesh