Bungee Jumping Activities in Rishikesh

You do the wire and release gravity roll on the cable up to 8 meters above the level of the river, then up. Finally settle back to the lowest point. Accelerate UP speed 160 km / h. Feel the past airflow. You are taken back to the launch pad for a recovery mechanism. Return to the cafeteria and enjoy viewing your photos and video of the jump. Normally, he did it by 3 people in tandem. It can be done only at an additional cost. Do not forget to collect Dare Go certificate.

Jumping is fun and exciting experience for adventure tourism. We have ensured security by hiring the services of experts in adventure sports, extreme technically qualified with years of experience in the management of these sports in Rishikesh, which has marketed the bungee. Jumping platforms have been designed by the team of Rishikesh stole Jump Masters and Rishikesh to operate the site. We provide security by ensuring that we have a very experienced team, a high level of training, the most excellent equipment and procedures in space. We launched a series of controls and programs and cons very carefully to ensure a high level of safety standards.


Activity adventure bungee extreme itching in the Antipodes, in the Pacific Islands. It is believed to be related to scuba diving on earth", a custom age of maturity - as verification of his courage, the youth of the island of Pentecost would rise from wooden stands tall with just vine leaves attached to their ankles.

Although bungee jumping had tried before by bold type, the first commercial breaks occurred in the second half of the 1980s, New Zealand, a country that is often regarded as the Mecca of modern extreme sport. In fact, Queenstown in the South Island is the site of the first commercial bungee operation in the world, started by AJ Hackett. It would not be out of place to call Hackett, a New Zealander, the priest of bungee jumping - or at slightest the modern avatar of this adventure activity.

He tried his first jump of the Greenhithe Bridge in Auckland in 1986. Hackett would try to blow up the bridges and other large structures, his courageous efforts go a long way to help build a craze for Sport.


Equipment for bungee jumping in Rishikesh made by the ship-owner. Always ask the professional company to provide equipment. The harness must be examined carefully and see who is padded so that your ankle is injured by bungee jumping activities in rishikesh.

A bungee jump is almost entirely an elastic rope, which is actually an elastic cord attached to the ankle twisted bridge. Most bungee cords are made of natural rubber (used because of its elasticity). There are two types of harnesses used for Bungy Jumping in Rishikesh - the leg harness attached to the rope and a safety harness (back-up attachment of the ankle, for safety reasons).


Desire to travel protection is our number one priority; we have a 100% security record. We operate with the rules laid down in the codes, practices, standards of safe security.

We suggest casual clothes, outdoor air. Costumes can be addressed, but we reserve the right to refuse any person jumping on a computer that could jeopardize the safety procedures. You will not be allowed to jump with glasses. It is possible to skip the use of contact lenses, but we do not recommend this, and we cannot accept responsibility for the loss.

The discipline of all security procedures is overseen by former army officers and several bungee jumping safety drills practiced regularly at the site. Members’ performance of our staff is trained and certified in first aid from the Red Cross, in an emergency.

BUNGY 3500.00/- per person
SWING 3000.00/- per person
FLYING FOX 1700.00/- per person
Insistence on doing Flying Fox alone would cost 3000/- per person
ANY REPEAT JUMP 2500/- + E.Tax = Rs. 4000 per person (Bungy/Swing)
1500/- + E.Tax = Rs 1700 (Flying Fox)


Bungy+Swing 6000/- per person
Bungy+Flying Fox 4500/- per person
Swing+Flying Fox 4200/- per person
All 3 Jumps (Bungy+Swing+Flying Fox) 7000/- per person

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