Marinedrive Beach Camp

Rafting in Rishikesh holds the best prospect of camping for you on Marina Beach Drive on the Ganges River. Likened to other campsites, Marine Drive is not people too dim and less, which is why people flock to this amazing spot for a long stay. It is an ideal site for family camping. The area around Marine Drive is open enough that gives you a sensation of calm and serenity. If you plan on having a good time camping with his kin and friends in solitude, Marine Drive is just the perfect straw to enjoy. Enjoy camping in Marine Drive to the livelihood of our expert travel agent for safe rafting trip and insure.

About Marine Drive

Savor the beautiful natural and living near Santos Ganges in the installation camp / tent provided by us. We provide our people travelers with a delightful meal and safe disposition. The dining room is well kept up and the nutrient is always freshly made, clean and vegetarian. The food is cooked by our skilled chefs, who work with us for a long time. You set out to be a pure vegetarian buffet system. The breakfast will consist of hot tea, chocolate, eggs, sugar, butter, jam, etc. The small traditional Indian lunch with paratha's and Sabji are also usable.

Because we understand your preferences hygiene, we use bottled water for drinking and laundry. It offers a different menu every day to maintain the element of change. When booking groups, we provide alternatives where you can pre-determine what they would like for lunch and dinner. Our Travel Assistant would ensure that their needs are well catered food. If you desire to throw your meal on the beach, which can also be ordered. Until dinner is served, you can deliver a good time sitting around the campfire and share tales and travel experiences with friends and kin.

While resting at the beach camp, you will receive the chance to discover the techniques of yoga and meditation. Guests can enjoy yoga sessions in the morning early and relax. Pass the day enjoying rafting along the Ganges and enjoy other adventurous activities. That dark, sitting close to a fire and learn to share the legends and interesting stories from the travel guidebook.

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