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Paint Ball Activities in Rishikesh

Paintball is certainly an extraordinary sport that requires the same amount of sand, guts and competitiveness by the player. Here, the players compete individually or in teams, to eliminate her opponents mark them with paint balls or colored capsules proportion of the handheld device, commonly called a paintball gun or paintball marker. Paintball has all the kicks and thrills of real combat, but none of his aches and pains. If you are interested in this unique game "heroic" play paintball in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand is definitely a great idea! In addition to taste the excitement of 'Finish' to your opponents in large groups, implementation and high altitudes Rishikesh add to the excitement.

We offer two Paintball Adventure exciting tour packages. We give you the opening to experience the companionship and positivity of paintball with friends and family. Our packages include accommodation for one night at the camp from the beach or in the jungle combined with a hike in the jungle, rafting on the rapids of the Ganges, body surfing, cliff jumping, and other fun activities.

We offer first time in Rishikesh popular adventure sport Paintball Adventure Rishikesh Uttarakhand. Game Paintball courage, guts and glory of the strategy of stealth and speed.


Paintball began in India in 2006. It is limited to meters. Speedball is the version used in India. Combine the game of capture the flag chess, mix and add in the hidden a lot of emotion, it is a difficult fast; exciting paintball game!

In paintball, player’s shoot marbles groups someone for a purpose. The goal is to stay in the game as long as possible without getting hit. This looks like a war in which no damage or injury in it, everybody can play paintball has guts, all you need is the brain to think, to aim for the eye and the courage to shoot.


The most provocative part of the game of paintball is the team. Equipment we (mask marker, paintballs, gas stations, chest). How Hideaways adventure can make your experience Paintball Sports inherently promotes teamwork and camaraderie. It is one of the most successful ways to alleviate stress. It is the thrill of the hunt; its pumping action, blood fast paced game of cardiac arrest, but 100 % sure.

The legality of paintball varies along with countries and section. In most locales where regulated have fun is offered, players are mandatory to wear protective masks, and the rules are strictly enforced.


The Paintball activity requires the gigantic nerve to play the game. Even if one is aware that the balls are safe and which are not going to get injuries if the ball strikes us, courage is necessary that we go back even with the idea that you may fall, you may have to avoid being stressed. The value is obtained by constructing collectively with the team. It may fall apart, but together they can be strong. While the spirit of nature and energetic sound of the river in Rishikesh can be added to the game experience. The main objective of the game is to capture the flag or other object placed on the playground or hiding in the ground. And what is the most interesting part of the game is that the game can last from minutes to hours, it has no limits of time.. !! So enjoy as much as you want.

You can generate your own game and their own rules, but there is a mandatory rule security that all players should follow and that is to wear an approved mask provided by us in the field.

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