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Flying Fox Activities in Rishikesh

You the wire and release gravity roll on the cable up to 8 meters above the level of the river, then up. Finally settle back to the lowest point. Accelerate UP speed 160 km / h. Feel the past airflow. You are taken back to the launch pad for a recovery mechanism. Return to the cafeteria and enjoy viewing your photos and video of the jump. Normally, he did it by 2 or s3 people in tandem. It can be done only at an additional cost. Do not forget to collect Dare Go certificate.

In this emotion strong activity, participants are exploited to the cable and the release cable roller 7 meters above the river, then turn back and eventually return and settle at the lowest point. Accelerate to a speed of 150 km / h and feel the flow of air in front of you. You are taken back to the launch pad for a recovery mechanism. The Flying Fox diving platform is 120 meters high.

A flying fox in rishikesh is a cable car up to hundreds of meters in length often driven by gravity, and is used as a game element for individuals.

Flying fox can be operated manually, but in some places like Rishikesh is a platform fox long flight was made and handled by experts with hydraulic safety equipment.


If the soul seeks the thrill of adventure, this is a perfect opportunity for you. Join us in an exciting package bungee jump, swing and zip line to feel the excitement and joy. When you give to the adventures you get a lot of beautiful memories back. Blessed are those who have a passion for excitement as they get to experience some fabulous activities. Discover the beauty of the world from a different point of view through our flying fox activity. That the wind hit the face and feels like a bird in bungee jumping rishikesh. Enjoy the beautiful session of swinging and free you. Begin your adventure with us and overcome their fears.


Flying Fox Jumping is enjoyable and stirring experience for adventure tourism. We have ensured security by hiring the services of experts in adventure sports, extreme technically qualified with years of experience in the management of these sports in Rishikesh, which has marketed the bungee. Jumping platforms have been designed by the team of Rishikesh stole Jump Masters and Rishikesh to operate the site.

We provide security by ensuring that we have a very experienced team, a high level of training, the best equipment and procedures in place. We launched a series of controls and programs and cons very carefully to ensure a high level of safety standards.

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BUNGY 3500.00/- per person
SWING 3000.00/- per person
FLYING FOX 1700.00/- per person
Insistence on doing Flying Fox alone would cost 3000/- per person
ANY REPEAT JUMP 2500/- + E.Tax = Rs. 4000 per person (Bungy/Swing)
1500/- + E.Tax = Rs 1700 (Flying Fox)


Bungy+Swing 6000/- per person
Bungy+Flying Fox 4500/- per person
Swing+Flying Fox 4200/- per person
All 3 Jumps (Bungy+Swing+Flying Fox) 7000/- per person

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