Kaudiyala Beach Camp

If you're fronting for some of the best and biggest beaches on the banks of the Ganges with water and electricity 24 × 7 running the camp Kaudiyala beach is your ideal bet. It provides clean and ideal surroundings that will yield you a better experience of a real beach camp. This special camp is considered the pioneer rafting on the river here in India. Even if you're not overly keen on rafting, argue this is true just lying on the beach and relish the sun all day. It will only be a divine pleasure just look at the beauty of the river and the picturesque landscapes that surround it by sitting idle on the camp.

About Kaudiyala

Kaudiyala is a little hamlet located between Rishikesh and Uttarakhand. Highly loves adventure expedition to travel to distant places Kaudiyala enjoy the thrill of the most difficult regions of the basin extending between Kaudiyala Shivpuri.

Kaudiyala has beautiful scenery, but offers the best location for beach camping. Rafting, trekking, climbing, abseiling, beach volleyball and many other sports can be enjoyed in Kaudiyala. After a day of adventure, romantic campfire with the gushing sound of the river is an awesome experience.

Kaudiyala is an ideal destination for nature lovers who are counting for a peaceful and heavenly India. The adventure camp in Kaudiyala attracts crowds of tourists from all over the nation each year. This amazing holiday resort offers many adventure activities such as bungee jumping, surfing, beach camping, paintball, cliff jumping and rock climbing.

A paradise for rafters actually Kaudiyala also offers a unique, incomparable and beautiful sceneries that draw tourists, hikers and leisure travelers put a camping adventure.

You can contact the experts and instructors to choose rafting rapid river level that fits their ability and endurance. In that respect are several starting points from which you can begin your rafting expedition in Rishikesh. One of the most popular starting points them is Kaudiyala, highly sought after by thrill seekers everywhere.

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